About Wine Lovers

Welcome to our home at BestWineGlass.com

The Old HideawayWe are wine lovers and ours is a family business. That’s not just something we say to be more personal and approachable. We are an actual family, the Kraft family. We are dedicated to sustainability in ways that welcome the best of modern technology, but we hold people and our relationships with them in higher esteem than our stuff. We deploy technology and acquire stuff only to the extent that it enhances our enjoyment of the people we care about.

That includes our customers. We live and work from our 100 year old fishing lodge resort on the Fox River, located in Cary, IL. We handle shipping operations from a nearby warehouse across the river in Barrington, IL. Customers living nearby or those visiting the area are encouraged to let us know and to stop in for a visit. We’re always up for hors d’oeuvres in the vineyard, pie in the apple orchard, cobbler in the peach orchard or a bonfire on the waterfront.  Customer service is built into everything we do…

  • We answer our phone, or call you back if we’re on other calls
  • Special requests give us an opportunity to get to know our customers
  • Events we host like the Riedel tasting below are a part of our lifestyle