Does the glass really make a difference?

For most people it does! We host events designed to help customers compare the taste of the same wine from the same bottle in different glasses and find that almost all wine drinkers easily perceive differences in the taste of the wine made by the glasses. See for yourself in side-by-side comparisons. Use the simple tool below to guide you through a demonstration to see for yourself how much difference the glass can make for you.

Below is our most basic, generic tasting mat. We use these at hosted tasting events to help the group stay together. These events are fun in large or small groups and almost everybody is blown away at the difference the glass makes when you take the time to compare them side-by-side.

I am constantly amazed at how different wines can taste in different glasses.  I cannot count how many times that I have been disappointed by wines served either in inferior or inappropriate wine glasses, both in restaurants and in private houses.

Ed McCarthy

Dessert wines are luscious after-dinner drinks that will linger on your palate more deliciously than any mousse, cake or pie. Once you start sampling dessert wines, with or without a perfectly paired dessert, you may just find that you’d rather drink dessert than eat it.

Michele Borboa

Author, Make-Ahead Meals Made Healthy