Never drink wine from a plastic cup!

by | Aug 22, 2013 | Wine | 0 comments

Ever been to an event where wine was being served in plastic cups and wondered why the hosts were serving such terrible wine? Maybe it’s not the wine, but the cup. The same way food is bland when you have a cold, not being able to smell the wine while sipping doesn’t change the wine, but destroys your perception of the wine. Let’s try a little experiment. Grab a bottle of anything you feel like drinking. All wines should be decanted or at least aerated, but those are other posts you can get to another time.

You’ll get the point here whether you aerate or not, so begin by putting a tasting pour into a correct glass type for the wine you chose and the same couple ounces into a typical solo-type plastic cup of 12 ounces. Start with the correct glass, but don’t taste it. Just swirl it, then smell it and make a mental note about your impression. What does it smell like? Do you think you will like it? Next, do the same with the wine in the plastic cup. Does it smell different? Recall your first impression smelling it in the glass. Would you describe it the same way smelling it from the cup?

Now let’s taste the wine from the correct glass after giving it a swirl and another quick smell to repair our sense of it after smelling it from the plastic cup. Now really take a moment to capture your thought of what you taste. What is your impression of it’s alcohol content? Is it “hot” or strong in alcohol taste? Is it sweet or tart? Fruity? Earthy? Now swirl, smell and taste the wine in the cup. Did you make a terrible face? No, we didn’t play a trick on you. It’s the same wine. You poured it remember? Try some straight from the bottle just for giggles and then go back to enjoying it from the correct glass. Aside form ruining your enjoyment of the wine, looking like a frat boy is hardly good fashion sense.