Forte Claret Burgundy (140) – Set of 6


Manufacturer: Schott Zwiesel

Product Line: Forte

Types of Wine: Soft Mature Red/Mature White

Ht. 8.7″ – Wd. 4.4″ – oz. 24.7

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Forte Claret Burgundy (140)

The Forte Claret Burgundy #140 captures complex fruit aromas. It presents California Estate and Oregon Pinot Noirs brilliantly. The #140 also pairs well with the popular Forte #2 Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc glass. This glass is a good red/white combination for wine lovers that tend to enjoy lighter, fruity reds and whites. Machine blown in brilliant, break-resistant lead-free, dishwasher safe crystal. This glass is also featured in several Combo, Starter, Tasting and Multi-Pack sets.

Given the growing popularity of pinot noir wines in the U.S., this glass is a must have for your collection. Pinot Noir wines are very versatile red wines. Lighter fruitier versions pair well with fish, especially with salmon and other fatty fish. They are also good for most pasta dishes and white meats like roasted chicken. Bolder pinots with more tannins are good with richer foods like game birds, beef and other red meats and rich soups and stews.

The most important thing to look for is what region the wine comes from. Pinot noir can require long growing seasons with a lot ofξ sunny days and cool nights. The Burgundy region in France is famous throughout the world for great Pinots, however they can be extremely complicated and inconsistent. This grape is more delicate than cabernet sauvignon. It’s a pale in color with some acidity. Pinot Noir grows best in regions that have a long spring and fall with shorter summers. But then long springs and falls make these grapes susceptible to rotting or freezing. Complex and interesting wines make the extra effort very worthwhile.

For us, many of the California and Oregon Pinot Noirs available today are very good. They may never score as highly as the best from France, but they are much more consistent and a lot less likely to disappoint. Reasonably priced Pinot Noirs are more available all the time since the movie Sideways brought the wine such attention. If you enjoy ripe, lush wines with strong fruit character, then

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 13.45 × 9.05 × 8.95 in

Schott Zwiesel, Schott Zwiesel Forte


Red Wine Glasses, Wine Glasses


Non-lead Crystal

Type of Set

6 or more Glasses


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