Swirling, WineSnob 101

by | Aug 15, 2013 | Wine | 0 comments

Swirling wine serves a variety of purposes, from practical to intellectual and perhaps even spiritual. To start, we should embrace the term “wine-snob” to push back negativity the way “nerds” owned the derisive label and turned it back on middle-school tormenters by generally being happier and more successful.

Practical purposes for swirling include opening the bouquet of the wine and releasing the wine’s unique aroma into the bowl. This will inform an experienced wine lover what to expect of a wine and will actually affect the objective taste of the wine. Ever had your taste muted by a cold when you are unable to smell your food? ‘Nuff said.

Those among us who didn’t have the good-fortune to be natural nerds can still appreciate getting nerdy about the things we find enjoyable. On the intellectual side, that initial sense of the aroma before tasting is a great way to engage fully and consciously by recalling well-loved wines that might have been similar.

There’s no better way to push back life’s pressures than by focusing our attention on such simple pleasures as a glass of wine or the sparkle in a child’s eye. Religion may require chapter and verse, but spirituality can be as simple and personal as the pleasure you taste in your wine and the feeling you get from being in good company.

Share your love of wine out loud, there’s no wrong language. Engage others in your geeky little diversions. Your nerdiness will be appreciated, instead of derided as snobbery. Wine is social, so swirl, smell, imagine, taste, share and repeat until the wine becomes a part of you and conversation turns to other interests.